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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Sorry but I'm going to mention the 'C' word - I've started on my Christmas Cards!

This is a lovely quick and simple card, I covered the card front with a sheet of red aluminium paper and added a pretty ribbon.

This card has a concertina mechanism (like the Squeezee cards), simply leave one of the pocket tags free and the card folds flat for posting.

Festive Theatrefold Card featuring cute snowmen.

Another Theatrefold Card, this time featuring a cute family of Border Collies.


Santa on Boxing Day taking a well earned rest!


  1. This is fabulous just love that image

    Joan x

  2. They are all fabulous cards i was going to comment on each one then realised they were all one entr.

    Joan x

  3. Sorry Joan; I'm new to blogging, I now tend to publish cards separately if I remember so people will be able tol comment on individual cards. Thanks for taking the time to comment and browse my blog, it's appreciated. Tig x